BBC Loft :: Downtown Louisville Wedding

When two UofL alums get hitched, the answer is to have a rocking party in Downtown Louisville with plenty of bourbon. Of course, the Card Chronicle bird head must make an appearance too! Ashley and Jon did just that. 

Getting Ready Location: Aloft Hotel Downtown Louisville :: Ceremony & Reception: BBC Four Roses Bourbon Barrel Loft :: Bridal Dress: Couture Closet Boutique :: Wedding Rings: Clater's Jewelers :: Makeup Stylist: Carrie Lentz :: Hair Stylist: Janice Harvey :: DJ: Masters of Music

Love & Marriage & Baby :: Maternity Session in Louisville, KY

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life. There are millions of people in the world, but somehow ... someway ... two people find each other and want to spend the rest of their lives with one another. But the love doesn't stop there. In fact, it's only getting going.

Morgan & Clayton are happily in love, and full of joy & anticipation as they await the delivery of Baby Sutton into the world. Their love story continues ...

:: Cherokee Park :: Louisville, Kentucky ::

Kristin & Pete :: The Henry Clay Wedding :: Louisville, Kentucky

They say it is good luck to have rain on your wedding day. But what if you "Break a Leg"? I'd have to think that is some of the best luck a groom could ask for, right?

Even if someone didn't actually tell Pete to "Break a Leg" the morning of his wedding day, I still think he is was lucky enough to fall in love with his beautiful bride, Kristin. They tied the knot and celebrated their wedding at The Henry Clay in downtown Louisville, Kentucky.

And just for the record, Pete did "break a leg" on his wedding day. Or perhaps just a (major) sprain. Here's the proof to go down in the history books, er I mean Heriloom Wedding Album!

Bridal Dress :: Mary's Bridal from Belle Bridal Boutique in Cincinnati's Bridal District | Venue :: The Henry Clay | Catering :: The Silver Spoon | Florals :: Oberer's | Photo Booth :: MagBooth | Assistant Photographer :: Morgan Brown

Alli & Collin :: Audubon Country Club :: Louisville, Kentucky

Alli & Collin's wedding day at Audubon Country Club in Louisville, Kentucky had that extra special something about it.

It's wasn't the perfect weather for an outdoor wedding. It wasn't the perfectly mixed matched coral attire. It wasn't the abundance of beautiful florals everywhere you looked (well actually, that was pretty awesome!). It was something more simple...

Alli & Collin's love for one another.

May you always look into each other's eyes the same. May you always makes each other laugh and smile. And no matter where you may be in the world, always love one another like you did on your wedding day!


:: Ceremony & Reception Venue - Audubon Country Club :: Bridal Dress & Mix Matched Bridesmaid Dresses - David's Bridal :: Groomsmen's Suits - Macy's :: Floral - Dreisbach :: Assistant Photographer - Morgan Brown ::

Louisville Slugger :: The End of an Era

Today marks the end of an era. After 130 years, Louisville Slugger passes the baton from the Hillerich & Bradsby family to Wilson Sporting Goods.  

While I only spent 3 years as part of the Slugger family, I wouldn't be who I am and where I am today without them. (Sorry, gonna get all sappy on you now.... )

While it was my husband who brought me to Louisville, it was Louisville Slugger that welcomed me and supported us as we started our life together as a married couple in Kentucky. 

It was Louisville Slugger that provided me with the experience to travel around the world to China, Indonesia, and The Dominican Republic. Without travel, I would still be out of touch with my childhood best friend.

It was Louisville Slugger that unleashed my creative side (masked by my love for math and science) and opened the door to photography. Without photography, there would be no

It was Louisville Slugger that supported my interest in attending a Sports Photography Workshop. Without opportunities, I could only dream of having an assignment with Sports Illustrated or NCAA March Madness

The list can go on and on... But what can't be forgotten, is with every end is a new beginning. When one door closes, another is opened. I am thrilled to explore my next chapter - and also witness the next chapter of one of the most iconic brands in America, Louisville Slugger. 

Here are a few photographs to enjoy while reminiscing of my memories and my photography work at Louisville Slugger.

Lauren & Sam :: Louisville Boat Club Wedding

After (only) 13 years of dating, Lauren & Sam (finally) tied the knot at Louisville Boat Club. 


:: Bridal Dress - Rebecca's Bridal Boutique - Stella York  ::  Bridesmaid Dresses - Rebecca's Bridal Boutique - Bill Levkoff  ::  Floral - Nanz & Kraft  ::  Hair & Made Up - Blades Salon & Spa  ::  DJ - Ryan Cox  ::  Cake - Sweet Surrender  ::  Assistant Photographer - Leah Robbins  ::

::  Louisville Boat Club :: Louisville, Kentucky ::


Tamela Triplett Photography | Branding

Over the past several months, I have been hard at work behind the scenes working on the business side of Tamela Triplett Photography. Turns out clicking the shutter button on my camera is only about 30% of what I do. While I won't bore you with my nitty-gritty excel spreadsheets, editing, workflow, business plans, etc ... I will share some more exciting news with you. My new Branding & Logo Design!

I tasked my dear friend Taylor (of Taylor Jackson Design), to create a logo for Tamela Triplett Photography. But before that, I first needed to figure out my brand identity. I spent countless hours reflecting on my aspirations, my personal vibe, and my photography style. Ultimately, everything came down to this: classic, unique, clean & simple. 

So there you have it. A new brand identity and logo for Tamela Triplett Photography! 

<With a close eye, you may also recognize the play on TRIPLETT within the designs. A sneaking, creative design touch. Love it - even if I am the only one that takes notice.>

Thank you so much Taylor Jackson Design. Perfection!

(Storyboard designed by Tamela Triplett, Photo Credit: Various artists found on Pinterest)

Nick & Lisa :: Louisville, Kentucky Engagement

Louisville just got better now that these two are back "home" from the Big Apple. After meeting in NYC, traveling the world together, and living the big city life - their next chapter as soon-to-be husband & wife takes place in Louisville, Kentucky. 

I can't wait to see Lisa & Nick pursue their dreams togethers. Together, they are going to shake up this world.

Heather & Chris :: Cincinnati, Ohio Wedding

Heather and I became neighbor-friends while I was living in Cincinnati. Over sushi and wine we would often catch up on life, work, and the men in our lives. However, it wasn't until after I moved to Louisville that Heather met the love of her life - Chris. Heather and I have kept in touch, so I was thrilled when they got engaged and had the opportunity to capture their wedding day in Cincinnati.

Their spring wedding day was lovely and sweet. After the sun set, the beer began flowing, and the groomsmen rocked out on the dance floor. Dang - those boys got mad dance skills!

Cheers to Chris & Heather!

:: Bridal Dress - Vera Wang  ::  Photography Assistant - Michelle Harbin ::

Best of Friends

Liz and Kate became my dear friends soon after moving to Cincinnati. Wow, that was almost 10 years ago! In fact, if it wasn't for them, I would have never met my husband. Ahh, but I digress, before even getting started ...

Back to Liz and Kate, and their babies who were born 1 day apart! With an almost twin-like bond, it's no surprise these little ones have become the best of friends, just like their mothers. Will and Josie (8 months) just have that special kind of connection with one another --- and let's not forget about big sister, Taylor (3 1/2 years old). The three of them seem to have the best time living up the good life. 

I can't wait to watch this bunch grow up together. Love & Hugs!


:: Meet Will ::


:: Meet Josie & Taylor ::

Those are some mad dance skills, Josie!


:: Best of Friends ::

Looking for the Perfect Camera for your Honeymoon?

Whether you are hitting the streets of Paris, or the beaches of Jamaica, you'll want the perfect travel camera at your side during your honeymoon. 

Many bride & grooms will ask themselves (or me) ... "If we want to get a 'nice' camera, what should we get?". So here are some tips, suggestions, and things to consider when picking out your new gadget.

Starting with the basics, a "nice" camera usually refers to a camera body with interchangable lenses. Also known as a D-SLR (Digital - Single Lens Reflex) Camera. This is a perfect choice for those wishing to pursue a hobby in Photography. Just keep in mind a D-SLR is not the most convenient due to it's size and it will also come with a learning curve to use to it's full potential. 

D-SLR recommendation: if you are dead set on a D-SLR, I would recommend a cannon rebel (such as T5i) with a single lens which covers a decent/overall zoom coverage (i.e. 18-135mm). More often than not, entry level 'kits' offer 2 lens (i.e. 18-55 & 55-250mm) - which I would NOT recommend. You will find yourself wishing to change the lens/zoom to 'get the shot' and the moment will have passed - assuming you were even lugging the other lens around with you. Go with the 18-135mm starter lens.

If a D-SLR sems a bit too involved for what you are looking for when traveling, I would highly recommend a Point and Shoot style camera. Personally, I think this is the most logical camera choice when traveling on your honeymoon. You can whip this little guy out on the fly to capture a great moment. Along with a reasonable price tag, the convenience is unbeatable and the image quality is great.

Point & Shoot recommendation: If you haven't figured it out by now, I shoot Canon. So I would recommend a Canon Elf.

Of course, you may also consider having your phone with you. Sure, you'll probably already have a (great) camera on your iPhone or Android, so why do you need another? But do you really want the temptation of being on your phone & social media while on your honeymoon? I personally vote to keep it away. You'll make it, I promise.

Another trendy pick to consider is a Mirrorless Camera. The bodies/lenses are much more compact vs. a traditional D-SLR, but comes with a steep price tag for the beginning enthusiast. 

So, here is a snap shot to help you select the perfect travel camera for your honeymoon. 


No matter what travel camera you select for your honeymoon, it's the love story within each image that really matters. Your photographs will help keep your memories for a lifetime. Print them out, put them in a frame, or create a photo album.

And finally, some personal examples to prove you can capture a great shot no matter what camera you have on your honeymoon. However, all you really need is one another XOXOXO !!!


Emily & Brandon :: St. Brigid & Frazier Wedding :: Louisville, KY

Emily and Brandon's Louisville, Kentucky wedding was a true success story. They tied the knot at St. Brigid Catholic Church and Frazier History Museum - not because of a completly random match - but because they fell in love after a series of non-random algorithms and the helping hand of God.

And it was my pleasure to celebrate another Western Kentucky Delta Gamma sister!

Cheers to the newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Losik!


:: Hair - Lauren Horne :: Makeup - Lauren Chapel :: Floral - Angie Deeds :: Cake - Kim Duncan ::

:: Bridal Dress - Maggie Sorento / Bridal & Formal - Cincinnati, Ohio ::


:: Louisville, Kentucky :: St. Brigid Catholic Church & Frazier History Museum ::

NCAA Courtside March Madness

Today is one of those days that photography brings me to a difference place. And while I do not have a camera in hand, I am working beside some of the greatest sports photographers in the industry. Not too shabby.

Here, behind the scenes, at the KFC Yum! center I am a photo editor supporting photographer, Brett Wilhem on behalf of NCAA. 

In a nut shell Brett works his magic courtside and also roaming the stadium. Several times throughout the game he passes off this memory cards to me in the Photo Compound. I then ingest, cull (pick the keepers), add meta data tagging information, give some editing love to each image, export, and upload to the NCAA server. From there, NCAA makes a final selection and posts online and social media.

Check out the games I covered here --> NCAA Courtside

*** 2nd Round Games *** 

Iowa State Cyclones vs. University of Alabama Bringham Blazers (UAB)

SMU Mustangs vs. UCLA Bruins

University of Cincinnati Bearcats vs. Purdue University

Kentucky Wildcats vs. Hampton Pirates

*** Round of 32 ***


Kentucky vs. Cincinnati

All of this was made possible by the many great photographers that I meet while at the Summit Sports Photography Workshop & the Clarkson Creative team. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them seeing a little something in me, and trusting me along the way. (check out my sport photography and my blog post about my workshop experience with the links!)

And although there were many upsets this weekend, I will always bleed Cardinal & Gold. Go Cyclones!

A Different Kind of Love

OK, so not a wedding... but rather, a different kind of love. I could write about how much I love my husband, but I won't bore you with that. So instead, I'll admit I have become a crazy cat lady, and I love my cat!

When we moved into our new home which is surrounded by woods, we thought it couldn't hurt to have some rodent control. My husband and I are far from cat people, but before we knew it, we were picking up a kitten left behind at a vet.

Meet Khaleesi (yes, The Mother of Dragons). She is one badass cat.

PS - what's with this snow?! It's time for spring weddings already!

We've Moved!

I have been flying under the radar recently, as my husband and I purchased and moved into our new home. We absolutely love it. While there are many projects on the to-do-list, at least my photography nook is up and running! Just in time for all the Spring weddings on the books.

For all the brides out there … no reason to rush buying a home. My husband and I waited 2 years after getting married before our big purchase. For us, it was great to get our finances in order (not to mention save a bit!) & figure out what we really wanted in a home. Why not live a simple life after getting married and focus on the two of you? … then take the big plunge!

Check out where the magic happens (aka - where I edit all of your gorgeous wedding day photos!)

Falls of the Ohio Engagement :: Louisville Wedding Photographer

Many brides and grooms dream of the perfect spring or fall engagement session. But not Cara and Jesse. For them it wasn't about the season. They simply couldn't wait to share the exciting news of their New Years engagement. So forget green grass, fall colors, or even white snow for that matter.

The Falls of the Ohio was a beautiful backdrop to incorporate interesting details into an otherwise dreary, winter day. The neutrals became alive with sun-kissed textures of the rocks, the driftwood, and the trees. Every trail we walked down had a unique and different look. For me, I was in creative heaven.

So here you have it. Engagement sessions (and weddings for that matter!) are officially beautiful no matter what time of year. But what really matters the most is the love story of the bride and groom.

:: Falls of the Ohio :: Louisville, Kentucky ::


I hope you had an amazing year full of love, adventures and blessings.

For me, 2014 was beyond wonderful - personally and professionally. From my amazing clients - who believed in my to captured their special moments - to family, friends, and fans who came along with me on the adventure. And of course I can't forget to recognize the many photographers who have taken me under their wing this year. Thanks for seeing that little something in me and believing in me.

Without question, I have been counting my blessings along the way. I have a feeling the journey is only beginning. 2015 is already looking mighty fine!