Tamela Triplett Photography | Branding

Over the past several months, I have been hard at work behind the scenes working on the business side of Tamela Triplett Photography. Turns out clicking the shutter button on my camera is only about 30% of what I do. While I won't bore you with my nitty-gritty excel spreadsheets, editing, workflow, business plans, etc ... I will share some more exciting news with you. My new Branding & Logo Design!

I tasked my dear friend Taylor (of Taylor Jackson Design), to create a logo for Tamela Triplett Photography. But before that, I first needed to figure out my brand identity. I spent countless hours reflecting on my aspirations, my personal vibe, and my photography style. Ultimately, everything came down to this: classic, unique, clean & simple. 

So there you have it. A new brand identity and logo for Tamela Triplett Photography! 

<With a close eye, you may also recognize the play on TRIPLETT within the designs. A sneaking, creative design touch. Love it - even if I am the only one that takes notice.>

Thank you so much Taylor Jackson Design. Perfection!

(Storyboard designed by Tamela Triplett, Photo Credit: Various artists found on Pinterest)