Looking for the Perfect Camera for your Honeymoon?

Whether you are hitting the streets of Paris, or the beaches of Jamaica, you'll want the perfect travel camera at your side during your honeymoon. 

Many bride & grooms will ask themselves (or me) ... "If we want to get a 'nice' camera, what should we get?". So here are some tips, suggestions, and things to consider when picking out your new gadget.

Starting with the basics, a "nice" camera usually refers to a camera body with interchangable lenses. Also known as a D-SLR (Digital - Single Lens Reflex) Camera. This is a perfect choice for those wishing to pursue a hobby in Photography. Just keep in mind a D-SLR is not the most convenient due to it's size and it will also come with a learning curve to use to it's full potential. 

D-SLR recommendation: if you are dead set on a D-SLR, I would recommend a cannon rebel (such as T5i) with a single lens which covers a decent/overall zoom coverage (i.e. 18-135mm). More often than not, entry level 'kits' offer 2 lens (i.e. 18-55 & 55-250mm) - which I would NOT recommend. You will find yourself wishing to change the lens/zoom to 'get the shot' and the moment will have passed - assuming you were even lugging the other lens around with you. Go with the 18-135mm starter lens.

If a D-SLR sems a bit too involved for what you are looking for when traveling, I would highly recommend a Point and Shoot style camera. Personally, I think this is the most logical camera choice when traveling on your honeymoon. You can whip this little guy out on the fly to capture a great moment. Along with a reasonable price tag, the convenience is unbeatable and the image quality is great.

Point & Shoot recommendation: If you haven't figured it out by now, I shoot Canon. So I would recommend a Canon Elf.

Of course, you may also consider having your phone with you. Sure, you'll probably already have a (great) camera on your iPhone or Android, so why do you need another? But do you really want the temptation of being on your phone & social media while on your honeymoon? I personally vote to keep it away. You'll make it, I promise.

Another trendy pick to consider is a Mirrorless Camera. The bodies/lenses are much more compact vs. a traditional D-SLR, but comes with a steep price tag for the beginning enthusiast. 

So, here is a snap shot to help you select the perfect travel camera for your honeymoon. 


No matter what travel camera you select for your honeymoon, it's the love story within each image that really matters. Your photographs will help keep your memories for a lifetime. Print them out, put them in a frame, or create a photo album.

And finally, some personal examples to prove you can capture a great shot no matter what camera you have on your honeymoon. However, all you really need is one another XOXOXO !!!


People of The Dominican Republic :: Louisville Lifestyle Photographer ::

Last week I was blessed to join a mission trip to the Dominican Republic with my daytime job, Louisville Slugger. A "baseball mission trip" you ask? You got it! Score International uses baseball as the international language to reach out to the people of the Dominican Republic, but it doesn't stop there. It's really about sharing the love with the people. The people of the Dominican Republic changed my life. You can see the hope, love, and joy in their souls the very moment you meet them. Even without speaking the same language, it's impossible not to fall in love with every generation.